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Typically in the North Shore and Boston area , practices are charging $1890 to $3000 a year per person.

Thompson Medical Associates Concierge Practice is charging $1800 per year per person, which is approximately $150 per month or $5 per day. 

The fees wave co-pays and some deductibles.  If you manage for own health insurance, you may lower your monthly payments with concierge medicine. Instead of paying high prices to your insurance company, you could get more by paying a concierge doctor. Do not think you can not afford this. This is for you and your health which is one of the most precious commodities you have. 

Children of the concierge patients are free if they are over 18 years old to approximately 25 years old.​
Spouses are 10% less to sign up for concierge medicine.
For seasonal patients, I charge 50% for half the year. 
I will treat your out of town guests if they stay less than 3 weeks. 

I know what you are saying,  I have never heard of this before and it is for the rich and famous. Actually the growing trend of concierge medicine is focused  for  the average person,  from  the urban worker, laborer, busy person, mother, family, dual income family, businessman, retired person and anyone in between. Anyone who feels their health deserves the best!

When I first heard of concierge medicine that started in the 1990s, I was not interested but I also did not understand it.  As the frustration of the current medical model became evident, I started researching different models of health care. Over the past 5 years, I have researched many models and the Concierge model made the most sense and appeared to be the best for patients and doctors. It gives patients the access and attention they want and deserve and it allows the doctor to see less patients and focus on you.

If you are satisfied with your primary care then this model may not be for you. If you see there are gaps in the kind of medical care you are receiving,  then this may interest you. I see many flaws in the current system and flaws in  how medical care  is going to change. I realized one day, I am working for the insurance company and being responsible for the cost of healthcare sometimes at the patients expense. I want to practice the way it was practiced, where the patients needs come first. That the relationship with the doctor was more like a family friend and someone who knew you and really cared. Not just a business. 

I have thought of a few analogies to explain this new concept:

One is TV. When I grew up TV was free and now I pay $150 a month. How did that happen? Well in the 1960s, we got 3 maybe 5 channels to watch. Now we probably have access to 1000s of channels, from 24 hour a day news and cartoons, movies on demand, every sport you can think of. I'm sure change from free to pay TV was hard but I would not want to go backwards in time. I enjoy my choices and quality of TV now. I value it. For me the choices are worth the cost. 

Another analogy is car insurance.  Many of us pay high car insurance in Massachusetts and we would not go without it. However, we rarely use it. We do not use it for gas in our tanks, oil changes, tire changes, air in our tires, washing our car.  We put our money in  maintenance and the luxury of a car.  We buy or lease cars and do not expect car insurance to pay for this.  Because we enjoy it and deserve it.  We use car insurance  for catastrophic accidents only.

This is probably the way we are going to look at health insurance.   We may want to shop around for health insurance and put our money into ourselves and what we feel we deserve and enjoy - personalized care and use health insurance for catastrophic events only.  In Concierge Medicine, you pay directly for amenities of health care. 

I also believe as the world of health insurance is changing, doctors are working for a corporation, hospital or insurance company and less for the patient. I am told if I manage money and withhold services in some cases that I will get a bonus at the end of the year.  who am I really working for? Are the decisions I am making based on the patients health or cost of health care?  The lines are getting blurred.  In the Concierge model, it empowers the patient and the doctor to make decisons solely on the benefit of the patient. I want to start a trend of putting the power back to us!

Some insurances are on board with Concierge Medicine and realize the quality of  care the patients receive,  less ER visits,  less hospitalizations,and in some cases cost saving  ; some insurances are not there yet.  Please call me to ask which ones will allow Concierge Medicine.