USCIS immigration Medical Exam for Citizenship

I-693 form

What you need to bring to your exam:

Government issued identification
Medical records of all disease and hospitalizations
IGRA blood test for Tuberculosis, within a year
Gonorrhea urine test, within a year (if older than 15 years)
Syphilus, RPR blood test within one year

Prior Vaccination records:






                Hib- Hemophilus influenza***

                Hepatitis A and B


                Varicella or Chicken Pox Disease



***(some are age appropriate and not needed)

Please note that the USCIS recommends not ordering test ahead of time and will be explained at the visit. Please expect there may be more than one visit typically.ur paragraph here.

Fee is $400.

Does not include cost of immunizations nor blood work if needed

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